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From Hillary:

I cannot recommend Veronica Vargas highly enough as an amazing in-home care provider. Our family has been most fortunate to have had Veronica (and her team) provide care for my mother for the past year and a half. She has been a wonderful support for me and our family since the day we recruited her to start caring for my mother on August 31, 2021, until the day my mother died on February 5, 2023.


When Veronica started helping with mom, she provided part-time care for my mother during the day, until my mother’s needs ultimately accelerated to needing 24/7 care. At that point, Veronica and her team helped provide the majority of care, in coordination with another caregiving team with whom she still has a strong relationship. Not only were she and her team reliable, but they were compassionate, caring, competent, supportive, and excellent communicators.  


My family and I are grateful for Veronica, her positive and supportive energy, and her team leadership. Veronica regularly went above and beyond providing for the healthcare needs of my mother; and operated more as a caring extended family member. Veronica was a great partner and communicator; frequently providing updates about any changes she noticed in my mother’s health as my mother’s needs accelerated. She was proactive in anticipating any needed supplies, making suggestions about therapies that might increase comfort, to assist my mother with being as independent as possible. She promptly called to my attention any injuries or bruises (often resulting from my mother’s falling or sittng down too quickly).  


She was competent and informed; able to help us discern between instances when we could manage minor health concerns, versus instances when we needed to seek professional advice (from a doctor) for more serious issues. She further supported us by providing informative podcasts about the numerous forms of dementia. She also frequently suggested assistive devices that would allow my mother to be as independent as possible.   Additionally, Veronica was reliable, and clearly communicated any time she or a member of her team were out for sudden illness or otherwise. She was careful to provide adequate coverage for my mother, even if that meant working with the other team of healthcare providers to supply a known (regular) substitute care giver. This was particularly valuable as she was able to pivot quickly whenever she or other members of her team were impacted by Covid. I give Veronica and her team my highest possible recommendation.  



Hilary Kerner 

From Amy:

I had the pleasure of meeting Veronica when I was seeking in-home care for my 82-year-old mother. I searched through many local services and community websites for recommendations. I came across Veronica’s name in a neighbor’s post and decided to contact her. Within 10 minutes of my text (very early on a Saturday morning), Veronica called me back and we had a delightful and thorough phone conversation. I felt quite confident about her character and capabilities over the phone, yet we all felt it would be important to meet in person. The next day, on a Sunday morning, she came to my mother’s home to meet with us. It became abundantly clear that Veronica was not only a wonderfully warm, caring, and thoughtful person, but she was also incredibly smart, savvy, and capable. Our visit lasted nearly an hour and we hired her on the spot to work several 24/7 shifts and multiple daytime-only shifts.

The care she then provided for my mother (who was recovering from back surgery) was outstanding. Veronica was always on time, very communicative and detailed about schedules, careful to understand medical needs and medications, and friendly, warm, and kind. She was thoughtful about when to give my mother some physical space when needed, but she always stayed within earshot should my mother need anything. She drove my mom to appointments and picked up groceries. She assisted with exercises and walks and also helped keep the rooms they used clean and tidy. Veronica showed the utmost in respect for others and made my mother feel like an equal — not a weak or “sick” person. Another person on Veronica’s team, Brittany, was equally capable and warm during some shifts with my mom as well. My mom very much enjoyed her time with Veronica and Brittany, and we were all grateful to have found them!

I never once questioned whether my mom was in good hands, and the stress relief that provided to me and my extended family was invaluable. We absolutely plan to contact Veronica for any future needs. She has clearly found her calling in the care she (and her team) provides to others.

To note: I later recommended Veronica to a friend with an aging parent and their words say it all:
“Veronica is an angel from heaven...someone I didn’t even know existed on this planet to help us!”

From JH:

I write to express my deep appreciation for the care I received from Veronica Vargas and her team during my recovery from back surgery.

From the first minute I met Veronica I knew that she would be caring, thorough, efficient, and desirous of helping me get well.  I can’t imagine a better combination of skills for her work.  And I was never disappointed.  Not only did she help me during the day with making me comfortable and overseeing my schedule, for several days she also stayed overnight.  Never in the way, but always there when I needed her. 

I highly recommend her. 

Yours truly, 


From ANDY:

Veronica and her team are amazing. They are professional, communicative and, most importantly, kind. Veronica has a caregivers heart and chooses team members who are similarly minded. Every person we worked with was compassionate, energetic and responsible.


They provided my mother with comfort and friendship when she needed it most. [They] made such a positive impact on her life these past months and I always felt that she was safe and well cared for. 

Best wishes to you, Marta, Elizabeth and your entire team. Thank you.

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