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Gain peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in the hands of those who genuinely care

Young Hands Holding Old Hands


Our team of caregivers provide short and long term care to patients, assisting with tasks such as cooking, running errands, transportation, house keeping, personal care, and medication reminders. We also provide overnight care when needed. 

About Me


My name is Veronica Vargas and I am the owner of Loving Hands. I first began my practice in home health care caring for my own loved ones, and decided to expand this personal passion into my profession.


I started Loving Hands to grow a team of local caregivers who approach caregiving services like I do - with compassion, personalization, and commitment. I make it a priority to match each patient with the caregiver(s) that is best for the patient, and we are committed to meeting both short and long term care needs, and remaining flexible to adapt our services as the needs of the patient changes over time. 

Our MISSION at Loving Hands is to provide companionship, compassion, hope, and help, along with providing peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are in hands of those who genuinely care. 

My team members and I have experience caring for patients with a cancer, Alzheimer's, dementia, Parkinson's; patients struggling with mental health conditions; as well as with patients in need of companionship through aging in place or through short-term surgery recovery.

I am a Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), and have completed courses on Body Healing, as well as Organs and the Vagus Systems.


I hope to continue growing the community of loved ones that our Loving Hands team serves in the Virginia area for many years to come. 




No matter the patient, we provide companionship and assistance through everyday tasks - meals, errands, pet care, personal care, etc.

Medical Needs

We provide consistent medication reminders, and can take patients to scheduled appointments of any kind (Doctors, PT, etc).

Local Activities

Our caregivers are locals, and know your neighborhood well! We are happy to arrange outings to local services or activities.

Patients have access to all services, regardless of the frequency of visits, or duration of their care. Our caregivers are adaptable, and we will adjust services at anytime to best suit the patients needs. 



"Always there when I needed her"

"When I met Veronica, I knew that she would be caring, thorough, efficient, and desirous of helping me get well. I was never disappointed. I can’t imagine a better combination of skills for her work. Never in the way, but always there when I needed her."

& Detailed" 

"Veronica was always on time, very communicative and detailed about schedules, careful to understand medical needs and medications, and friendly, warm, and kind."

"Compassionate & Professional"

"The owner, Veronica, provides loving, compassionate, and professional care to my elderly mom, who lives with us...she is a miracle worker - I, and my entire family, are extremely grateful for her hard work."

- J.H.

- Amy L.

- Anna

Companionship & Care 
Personalized to Each Individual



We aim to connect our patients with the best resources available to them to support their health and overall wellbeing.



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